Texture baking


Hello all,

is it possible to “bake” a texture into a UV-map (given the to baking object has an UV-map)? It would be very intersting to use the messiah shaders to produce a texture.

And - even more usefull for me - can you include the complete output of the shading process - highlights, shadows of GI, reflections, bumps - into the baked texture? As an example: modo can do this by using the “render outputs” and the “Bake” command in the render tab.

The Inflater


No. There aren’t any texture baking tools in Messiah currently. Sorry.


No need to be sorry. :slight_smile:

Messiah is such a packed application that features can easily be overlooked. I just wanted to know if you have to dig into some deep menus.

Thank you for your reply.

The Inflater


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