Text & Objects embedded in mountains (Help Needed ASAP)


Hello, im gonna cut to the chase. im trying to work on a project that will display a group of large mountains (mountain range) with text and objects embedded in them. The goal is to make it LOOK LIKE the text and objects are chiseled into the mountains themselves. if anyone knows how to accomplish this task, or know of any helpful tutorials that can help, please let me know as soon as possible. I will attach a reference picture so that you can see when im aiming for.

Thank you in advance.



Either use normal/displacement mapping to achieve it (textural)

Or use volume modeling and subtract the letters from the mountain. This method will require retopoing the result unless you are using triplaner or some other non-UV texturing.


Hello and thank you for your quick response. To be perfectly honest with you, i thought that this would be something easy to accomplish. with that said, i not that much of an expert (yet). could you tell me in more of a “beginners” term please. Thank you.


What version of C4D are you using?


im using version R20


Volume Modeling, see here:


It the shot animated? Is it a 3D model of a mountain ? a photo?

The reference picture is just a photoshop or after effects “inner shadow” effect, with some rough edges.


Thanks for the response, that is a VERY good question. The shot will be animated and will come to a freeze frame at the end. After Effects will be used for post production.


Thanks for the tutorial!