text node expression


hi !

i am trying to print an output of the time (frame number) via a text node.

but the node only displays all the inputs as strings.
i’ve read in the manual that a colon must be used to have this work…

it didn’t work so far …

any input on this ?


%F - frame 4 digit
%f - frame 1 digit
%T - time in 00:00:00:00 format
%t - time in 00:00 format


ah cool ! thanks !

but i also need an offset.

actually i have a shadow simulation for the first of march from 8am to 8pm with a frame on each hour. (13 frames.)

so i want to print as text:
«1st of march, 8:00»
«1st of march, 9:00»
«1st of march, 10:00»

«1st of march, 18:00»
«1st of march, 19:00»
«1st of march, 20:00»

so the whole string would need something like (in pseudo) «1st of march» + (%f + 8)

how would that expression look like ?


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