Testudo, Ma.ma.me.ya (3D)


Hi! this is my new work,I use Loic Hsiao’s comic turtle as my form reference. The meterial is use real tortoise surface as reference.
please tell me how you feel.Thanks.

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different light


Excellent Work, I have nothing more to say :applause:

Maybe the mouth could still be imrpoved, it looks so clean compared to the rest.

I wonder how long it takes until this is on the front page :slight_smile:



Really good work!..I like this model…and yes, maybe the mouth need be a little more rounded in the lower front… I guess.



great … the first one is the beste:thumbsup:



Great work! I really like those eyes - could you talk a little about the “technicals” (software used, modelling, etc)?



I used MAYA for modeling and Mental ray for rendering.
texture created in photoshop.


It’s an excellent and funny character. Very well done :applause:


Nice modeling, textures and light mood, specially on the first image, it looks more alive than in the second. This is a character with style, i love it, nice work :thumbsup:


excellent look and design, its a great model. they only crit i can think of is that in the first pic the eyes are too bright/white, this makes them look 2d and distracts from the image a little.

Top work:thumbsup:


first off!
that totally reminds me of turtle dude in “finding Nemo”
good job!
i like the texture you brought to your charachter!!
what kind of tool did you use to make this sweet characher?



Very nice. I really like it. My only gripe is that the teeth need a tad bit more detail. Texture wise


excellent work, I love the stlye of the model and the texturing really adds to it. The only thing that bothers me is that the color scheme consists of mainly brown and yellow. It would be really cool if you added one more color to it to add variation. Maybe some desaturated green to the bumps on the skin or something. Great work!


can you post those texture files. put a water mark with your name over them or something. but id love to see them untouched and just the way they are as aplied.


this is beautiful, the texture is top notch.

great details, :thumbsup:



i’d like to know how you did the texturing,

especially the area where the legs and neck meet eachother.
how’d you get that to match so smoothly?



Great work, I love the texturing work. are the bumps modeled or displacement?


the texturing job is high quality stuff. can u show us a peek of your texture maps?


hi dude
You did again,I hate you
great style
great texture
great model
and you just render it using the mentalray…



You said it was rendered in mental ray…
How did you get the fuzzy look on the hat? Thats amazing! Really top notch work here.
Congrats on getting frontpage treatment!



Freakin’ schaWEET!

  • Jason