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Hi Brian and all,

just discovered that the EIAS and other Forums are now Legacy Forums(Archive) and no longer visible in the main CGTalk section. That´s why i test if i can still post in this Forum.




We should still have access and posting capabilities, however the CGTalk staff has been doing some trimming and they have determined that the traffic level on the EI Forum doesn’t warrant active status anymore.

The main forum moderator writes:


We weren’t the only only ones who were downgraded. A number of other forums were also removed.


OK. I understand. Kind of sad tho still.


I thought the EI forums were actually fairly active.


Not according to the CGSociety.

There’s a lot of restructuring going on in the EI community and lots of progress is being made, its just not very visible yet. Thus user traffic is in this perpetual state of waiting. Maybe one day in the future we’ll be able to pull this forum out of mothballs and back on the front page when the application really gets a revolutionary upgrade that starts turning heads again.


We asked, we asked again, we pleaded. We debated endlessly. We bemoaned our fates. We talked about Animators (not architects) moving on to other software.

And what did we get?

Lighting and rendering!

Followed by the sale of EI to some other people, who are talented to be sure, but still, it disrupted everything and lead to much fear, confusion, and doubt (F.U.D.)

I’ve asked Tomas several times for a road map of how he intends to proceed with EI. No response. We’ve heard rumors they’re working on a multi-processor aware version of Camera. Not exactly big on my wish list of things for Animator - which seems to get no love from it’s developers. If it isn’t rendering or a shader or a plug in, nobody seems to care.

So no magic autorigging tool. No mirror bone tool. No vertex level manipulation of meshes to repair poorly imported models or even to make morph targets that actually work.

No wonder our traffic has dropped so far. I myself am just about fed up. I won’t sell my seat of 7.0, and I’m hopeful for the future, but boy am I tired of being ignored.


Hey Kurt,

Can’t say that we didn’t try. We’ve been banging the animators’ agenda for quite a while now without much success. I’m hoping, due to Tomas’ background as an Animator, that we’ll see the necessary tools we want in EIAS, however, we’re still under the cloak of secrecy I guess.

I made a comment on the EITG website as to why this may be happening. There is a possibility that EIAS3D had to sign an agreement upon the sale of EIAS to remain a silent entity for some specific length of time to ensure that EITG gets some sort of return on its v8 upgrade investment. Hey, if I were Brad, I would have made that requirement too. Realistically EIAS3D could have released a v9 upgrade filled with Igor’s plugin tech thus choking off EITG’s last opportunity to make any money off the v8 product. But since the announcement of the developmental transfer, well over a year ago, EITG’s website has been a virtual ghost town and the EI CGTalk traffic output declined as well. Why should Brad put forward any more effort? Why should I? Why should anyone? Add in EIAS3D’s active solicitation to EITG’s and CGTalk’s EI forum bases and what is the end result? Migration.

Everything is under the Igors’ control now. Just the way they’ve wanted it for years. No more resistance. No more separate factions. No more opposing voices. Realistically they have exactly 1 shot at turning this around. It will all depend on what we see at EIAS3d.com when it goes online. If it fails to wow the rest of the CG world or even the remaining EIAS user base…this will be EIAS’ final debut on the CG stage.


A gag order? That explains a lot.

When the time period has expired I certainly hope EIAS3D comes up with some nice features.

Again, I remain hopeful, but ElectricImage needs a more balanced development path.


My biggest issue is how long is that “gag” order is in place. If its for one year, then we won’t even see anything until next year. Its unfortunate, but understandable for EITG.

The big experiment now is: How well will a company like EIAS3D function when its primary contributors, and even its own ownership, is stretched around the globe. Tomas is in Spain, the Igors are in two parts of Russia, Ian is in the UK, Jens is in Germany, Richard is in Canada…etc. etc…

Such a distributed collection of people works well for a decentralized 3rd party team… but now they have to all come together. Should be interesting to see how it all works. Especially when it comes to sales.


July 15, 2010

I don’t have any v9 pricing info, but for those of you who have not upgraded to v8, it will be cheaper for you to purchase v9 from a v8, level, especially since you can purchase v8 so cheap right now. Need a coupon to order v8 for the discounted price? Email me and I’ll send you one,



Yes! Got my v.8 upgrade for $99 bucks!! :bounce: :bounce:


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