Tessellation cleaner 1.1


HI all,
I have created a script for years ago, I have used it a lot in my projects and decided to share it now . Its a mesh optimiyzer polygon reducer.


  • Quad mesh output when used properly.

  • Add new modifier (TC) on modifier stack

  • Very easy to use ( only 4 parameters )

  • Compatible with 3ds max 2008 to 2022

you can get it here :


share or sell? :wink: I see… it’s a sharing for money


Sorry i have explained it wrong … you are right I am selling it for 15 dollars … My english is not so good :frowning:


It’s not about what you sell and at what price … The point is that this is a forum thread where developers share tips, tricks, their findings, conclusions … and it’s completely free. :hugs:


yeah, for promotion it would be much more effective to post it on http://www.scriptspot.com/