Terrain texturing questions (combining different maps)



I’am using Gaea and 3ds Max.

  1. I would like to know, how did he get such UVW map as that image? Guess he is using 3ds max, but can’t figure it out. I guess it is better than ordinary non edited UVW , because of the stretching?

  2. How would you combine erosion - flow, erosion - wear and erosion - flow maps for best results?
    I guess you add some details to color, diffuse map? Or can they be used for black\white bump as well?

  3. Which maps should I combine to create black-white bump map(for terrains of course)? I will be using non-satelite color maps, software generated.

Here is some selection of maps, which would you use and for what map?

There are lots of tuts how to create the terrain, but very few how to combine maps to create the textures and apply them.