Terrain, rushdi abu sayeed (3D)


Title: Terrain
Name: rushdi abu sayeed
Country: Bangladesh
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

I modeled this terrain using 3ds max 2009 and photoshop. Redered with a scanline renderer with a target camera and omni light.
At last again edited with photoshop cs3


I am sorry - I have nothing against you but this is really really bad image. I mean come on; look at that landscape… What kind of texture this is. Look at the horizon where clouds meet the hills, what’s that smudge stick blur? You really think it worked?

Colors are terrible, cloud photo is lowres and poorly photo-manipulated. I don’t know what Forum Moderators thinking to post that kind of image here as “completed, high quality, final image”

I have nothing against you as I said before rushdi1987. But you should keep posting your work to WIP forum and improve your skills based on the critiques (if you got any good one) I recommend getting and following DVD tutorials and books also.


Kerem everyword u said absolutly true. Would u plz give me a guideline? Thank u for ur critisism.


Hello Rushdi. First please accept my sincere apologize for the destructive critique. I’ve read what I’ve wrote again in shame, felt like written by someone else… And wondered what sort of mind-state I was, “trolling” around like that.

My critique has a contradiction in it self which is: You can not make 1 nice image before doing 1000s of crappy ones. So it is totally okay to create “bad” images. These are all part of your learning.

Here is one of my old works. I thought it was a great one…


My humble suggestions are about your work: Creating landscapes is a profession by itself. And it is actually not an easy (mostly very very hard) task with a 3D modeling software. That’s why lots of people using tools like Terragen, Bryce and Vue Infinite (including me).

You can choose to hard way to study creating landscapes on 3ds max or you can use Vue Infinite - which makes things lot easier. But for some reason, a landscape created with a 3D modeling software feels more valuable to me (it is just MY opinion)

On 3ds max I’d suggest using high resolution textrures and displacement maps. But working with high resolution material requires computer power. If you don’t have a good PC you can focus on 3d modeling of a relatively small subjects (gun, knife, sword, rim and tire etc.) instead of large landscapes. The important thing here is honing your skills and learn new techniques, results doesn’t matter at all at early phases! Your rendering results will improve in time - it all depends time and practice.

Keep working and NEVER quit. I feel very sad and upset when I see people quitting because of the destructive critiques done by some random asshole like me.


And a last note; if you have a digital camera (no need to have a fancy dSLR for that) you can shoot landscape photography and even your own textures - so you can use them on your work and also photography knowledge and experience helping a lot on many aspects of 3D (camera angles, light, composition etc.)


well kerem first thanks again to rely. dont feel shame because i think every one has own style . Thats not matter who said or how said the matter is What he said and is it logical or not. ur best part is atlast u said something and not only said something but u mentiond the points clearly… while the others told temselves what a reddiculas nuthead try to make 3d.

ur good quality is u speak clearly,directely , pointly( i made this word) , confidently and know how to appologize.

If i be a real cgman anyday firstcredit always go to you. for my countrys condition accesories for 3d industry like graphicscard, tablet, good processors r not cheplyavailable. like here no one know about wacom tablet … u can not buy it from local market and for gov rule you can not also buy it from net through creditcard. so making a 3d carrier is hard here.
But I will try to keep ur word " Never give up"

atlast a request . u r an artist . artist make things beautiful. even they can create a wonderfulform from garbage. it is not so hoarable for them if they use the bad words like asshole, **** ,suck, … bla bla bla. … Here is the request… try to give up useing this words.

I am actually interested for 3d animation. would you plz give me some tips on this.
If you open a bloog or an youtube chanel it will be a great help for nutheads like us .


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