Terraform4D update 1.1 released



Terraform4D 1.1 has just been released!

Version 1.1 is a free update for Terraform4D, and comes with many exciting new features:

Solid Terrain
Optionally add a solid base to the terrain, giving the impression it was sliced from a larger landscape. Texture the base separately from the terrain, and use UV mapping to create sedimental structures with ease.

5 new Blend Modes
Five interesting new blend modes that combine operators in interesting and detailed ways.

  • Overlay
  • Negation
  • Screen
  • Soft Light
  • Hard Light

Erosion Operator
The new Erosion Operator simulates the effects Thermal Weathering and Coastal Erosion on the terrain.

Quantize Operator
Quantizes a terrain in as many steps as the Count attribute dictates. This creates hard terraces that are suitable for a non-photorealistic look. If you apply a Blur Operator to the output, you get more realistic results.

Terrain HUD
The terrain HUD displays information about the active terrain(s) and operator(s), and can be customized in the Terraform4D preferences.

Improved Distortion
The Distortion feature for Noise and Gradient Operators now has the ability to stick to the operator object. Additionally, it can be offset manually. Don’t leave your random variations up to chance!

Difference Map for Filter Operators
Filter Operators now provide a Difference Map that can be rendered with the Operator Shader, and is available in the Bitmap Export as well.

Improved Adjustment Operator
Enabling this option will make the Offset behave like in previous versions. Offset is defined by a percentage of the altitude range of the input terrain. Disabling this option will change Offset to absolute values. Now you can even offset a completely flat terrain, and use the Adjustment Operator as a Generator.

Improved Filter Kernels
The reworked filter code provides higher quality with potentially shorter calculation time.

Here’s a detailed list of the changes:

The new version can now be downloaded from the Terraform4D Website.

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