Terraform4D released!


I am very happy to annouce the release of Terraform4D, a modular, layer based terrain generator for Cinema 4D!

Terraform4D brings art directable terrains to Cinema 4D, allowing you to generate terrains of almost any complexity with its intuitive operator system.

Build terrains layer by layer from noises, shaders, textures, splines and gradients! Take advantage of the many available blend modes, and constrain operators using masks. Shape your terrains with a range of filters, and shade them with the help of Terraform4D’s operator shader!

The plugin can be downloaded from the website, and everybody is invited to generate their own demo activation key that will work for one month.
The price for a perpetual activation is €59.99 for an introductory two weeks. After that, it will cost €79.99.
Terraform4D will receive free point updates later on.



looks great Frank!

thanks a lot :slight_smile:



very interesting. do you have erosion tools in this plugin?


Not yet, but there will be free updates to the plugin :wink:

Terraform4D focusses on being art directable and fast, so there are a lot of tools to achieve all kinds of effects, but not that much simulation operators yet. Erosion is on my list of things to add, though.


some inspiration


That is so cool mogh! (as is the plugin Frank)



Here’s a quick tutorial about Terraform4D’s Adjustment Operator.

This underrated operator can do many things, especially with Fields masking, and it’ll grow on you once you use it more often. Local adjustments, mountains, lakes, plateaus, even filled spline shapes.



Looks awesome! With fields this really rocks!

I already bought it, but was not able to play yet. Will do very soon!

Thanks for great plugin!



Here’s another quick video, this time about Terraform4D’s blend modes.

Terraform4D’s multiple blend modes allow you to combine your terrain operators in creative and inspiring ways!


And another short video, this time about the Group Operator:


Just released another one: The Shader Operator

In this video, we’ll use Terraform4D’s Shader Operator to create a terrain from a shader or from real-world elevation data, and integrate it into a procedural landscape.