Tech Problem: tx convert image sequence Maya 2017


Hello everyone, I’m having an issue with batch converting a jpg image sequence to tx format for rendering with Arnold.

When I use the maketx command, it doesn’t apply the proper gamma correction and I get double-gamma corrected renders. Way too bright.

If I let Maya auto-convert to TX it works great. However, it only converts the current frame. No good for an image sequence.

I’ve tried every command line switch (–colorconvert, -d, --colorengine) I can find for the maketx command, but nothing seems to work.

My other option is to just add a gamma correction node to the image sequence file node, but I’d prefer to maintain a proper linear Arnold workflow.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I should also note that changing the color space in the file node makes no difference


I don’t know - but I’ve got the same issue.

What annoys me is that this is something basic. It should work. Maya and Arnold are considered leaders in animation and rendering yet to get an image sequence to work, well it doesn’t.

So now what do we do?


Did you use a cmd to apply a .4545 gamma to the jpgs? I’m sure arnold does that before doing the auto-convert. Basically linearize the jpgs yourself before converting to tx

And couldn’t you just use this anim texture normally and render your scene with everything ‘off’ except textures ( no raytracing or aa ), so it will quickly pump out the .tx files, then just toss that render