How could Team Render go so long without skip rendered frames!! Why haven’t Maxon added such an essential feature to the rendering process?!?!?!

What’s the problem here. Has no one complained about it ever? I don’t get it…

There is stupid, and there is dumb - this is both!!

Does anybody know of a plugin to help fill this ridiculous void?

Thanks in advance!!


Stupid question - are you using the Render Queue? (I ask as I’ve never used Team Render) I believe it can resume failed renders from the last rendered frame.

I’m a big fan of deadline and I would suggest you install it ASAP as it is far, far superior to Team Render. So many really useful features. If you have less than 10 nodes you can use it for free, too.


Hello, this feature is missing even in the Render Queue… I was sad about that last time i needed to do skip frames…


Thanks @danielHinton

I use Royale Render which is also a really great render manager but sometimes rendering quickly out of c4d is what’s needed and there IS NO SKIP RENDERED FRAMES!!!


thanks for the time


This is proof positive that the folks at Maxon don’t actually use their software for actual work but instead only tinker around with it as a hobby. If they used it for REAL client work, they would know how essential the ability to restart a crashed render with the ability to render only the missing frames. Un-F’ing believable!!!
I’ve been using C4D daily since R5 and I am dumbfounded how they could let it slip into it’s current state of inadequacy.


This feature was there in the old version of NetRender. IMHO Team render has never been anything other than a train wreck. I’m not sure why it was changed so drastically. I know NetRender was old code, but why not just make it more modern compliant rather than write something from scratch that can’t even handle what NetRender did. I agree with just using deadline.