Taron's Daily Sketchbook: (From: CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum )


Alright, let’s do this then…

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1798 49 mn “The crazy ex”
(5min over(mild technical funk), Artrage)

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1797 45 mn “Hold on tight” (1st sketch)
(34min, Artrage)

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1797 45 mn “Hold on tight” (2nd sketch)
(30min, Artrage)


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1798 “what else can you find at the end of the rainbow”

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1800 “Movie Star” (emergency-hand-puppeteering)


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1801 NTL “babyboomer”
(#02) (5h, Artrage)

(#01) (41min, Artrage)


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1803 45 mn “Glee”
(65min, Artrage)


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1802 45 mn “The Passenger”
(42min, Artrage)

I don’t often use the airbrush in artrage, but this time it was plenty of fun! :bounce:


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1804 40 mn “The Seed”
(38min, Artrage)


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1807 55 mn “the core”
(55min, Artrage) (exact time, go figure…thought we only had 45min)


CgTalk Daily Sketch 1813 NTL GAME DESIGN: "The Queen of the Rocketmen: THE AIRSHIPS
(40min, Artrage)


Yo! I don’t know if you remember me, but I have been wondering where you have disappeared for a while… I loved your style, who would forget it? :smiley: I recall some wpes you showed us and I absolutely loved it! It’s really great to see you back in DSG!

Anyways, I love all your work especially the baby boomer one, that’s really the original interpretation of the topic! The colors are awesome and well expressed. And the passenger, lol… you made the ugliest creature right down beautiful just because of the glowy yellow. The irony of that just makes me want to giggle. Like I said earlier, I’m in love with your style and definitely missed seeing your works! Enough said, Hey, Welcome back man! :smiley:


Man, it’s so bizarre, I already feel like a stranger here and simply thought you were one of the usual masters of concept design on here, hehe. In the back of my head I only felt a strange connection to you. Really funny. Yes, it’s been a very, very long time. I can’t believe the majority of my daily sketches are from 2004, oh my god. Thinking about that makes me think that I didn’t improve much, but then it’s not always about “improving” anyway. Or rather it’s the question what has improved. You’ve certainly established yourself as a powerful source of inspiration, but I think you’ve always been that, right? To me, improvement has meant to become lose, relaxed and confident without much or any hesitation.
I’m still not entirely there…but I’m here again and you finally give me a feeling of being welcome again. I almost felt like an intruder on top of the astrangement. So it means a lot to me! Thank you, DM! :beer:

I’ve been spending most of my time over on the artrage forum, which is simply a completely different world and makes me honestly happy. There’s a different kind of magic happening and it’s a bit closer to everyone, somehow. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that here before?! The tool has given me the biggest boost, I think, in regards to liberation, somehow. In PS everything is as tight as you can make it and so little can happen out of just working with it. That’s great for illustrations and designs and all that, but it doesn’t edge anyone on in any unsuspected way. But because so many here come from that kind of “precision” and design world, I don’t even know whether the kind of stuff I do in AR is even looked at as on the same page, hehe. Reminds me a little of the beginning-days of Zbrush, when even I looked at those pictures as fancy cheat, so to say (Zbrush 1.x). Anything not animatable didn’t really count as 3d. But when it came out with 2.0 and displacement maps it suddenly was a real tool and what ever comes out of it eversince is simply “real” and perfectly legitimed. I think when AR gets 16bit implementation (and what ever might be missing) it may already jump that hurdle, too, and become a respected player in the pro world. Until then I’m just enjoying it and hope I won’t remain a stranger here with it.

Am I in a writing mood or what, haha! Sorry… :blush:

AH, the latest greatest…

CgTalk Daily Sketch 1812 50 mn “The Leader”
(38min, Artrage)


Hey Taron!

Im really glad your back man…

Always loved your stuff back in the days…

I hope you post your old stuff on this thread…

This I will follow… keep it up… :buttrock:


UUUUhhhh, family reunion time! :applause:

Somebody shake Goro, what ever he’s up to these days! It’s all his fault anyway! :bounce:

Thanks, Daw, I’m more and more glad to be back! :beer:


You’ve certainly established yourself as a powerful source of inspiration, but I think you’ve always been that, right?

Me? LOL! Nah, I’m just making my way in as well. I only came back few weeks after being missing for a while (busy and also medical reason). I’m determined to improve, yeah of course I do enjoy doing it in the process. I just like to constantly challenge myself to pull off a higher “level” if you know what I’m saying; however, I agree with you that it’s not that important. Having fun is way more important lol! :slight_smile:

Artrage, ah yeah I have doodled in that program before, just that I haven’t touched it for a while, it was difficut to control it due to me not knowing what colors/values to use, but I should be able to do it much better now (I’m learning!) Maybe I’ll use it for fun soon in DSG just to keep me from getting used to photoshop too much (I like switching anyways). You definitely got it under your control :stuck_out_tongue: Hehe.

And yeah, I agree, where’s Goro??


UH, it still exists!? At least some of my stuff…time to add on to it again. Hope it’s not too confusing that I’ve got a different user name now. And again it’s been 5 years. Wow! :shrug:

By now I’ve written another painter I call “Verve”, just in case you were wondering what software that is. You can have it for free without any fuzz. Just go to my forum and download it (259kb)! It’s no where near finished, but already fun to play with, if it runs on your machine (PC only and a fairly new gfx board required (no older than 3 years, I think)). I’d be thrilled to see some more artist register, but you don’t need to.:love:

Anyway, here’s some new stuff…
(1.5h) Verve

(25min) Verve

(52min) Verve


I love the crazy ex. Nice work!


Thanks, sketchdiary! Uh, that’s been a long time ago…wow. Welcome to the forum, I guess?! I’m surprised you found my post, hehe.

Anyway: Happy New Year and thanks, again! :wink: