Talk to be about remote control cars


My young lad loves cars / monster trucks etc and was thinking about getting something for him for xmas.

Was thinking something pretty robust and quick / jumpy etc rather than the plastic rubbish from toys r us thats only good for the living room floor.
We have quite a bit out doors fields / woods near by that would be perfect for playing about in and thought it might be something we could could do together heading out and building some jumps etc in the woods.

Now I know nothing about remote cars but a quick nosey online suggests petrol / electric etc etc so whats the best kind of thing to go for???
Want something tha will be quick but most improtantly fairly robust that will take a bit of play time. Cost wise I have no idea but would prefer to spend £150 on something good than £50 on something that will be broke in two weeks and that you can’t repair if you get my drift……