Tags not visible in object manager (only new tags become visible)


Hi guys,

I am working on a big Archviz project for a few weeks now and the strangest thing happened:

A few minutes ago all my tags disappeared in the Object Manager. Since I saved my project 10 minutes ago I just closed the project and re-opened it but the tags still were not visible. All my object still have their materials assigned to it so the tags must be there, I only can’t see them.

The next thing I tried … and now it get’s really weird … was to add a new cube to the scene and to my surprise the phong tag of this new object was visible in the object manager.

Does anyone know what could cause this? (I am using Cinema 4D R25)

Thanks in advance for the ideas guys, I have to finish this project ASAP but without tags it’s nearly impossible to do so …

Best regards,



Correct me if I’m wrong but can’t you open several projects up at once?

If so why not trying to copy then paste your objects into a fresh new project and see if the tags reappear in a new project?

I’ve no idea why tags would disappear, I’ve never seen that ever happen in all the years I used C4D so this could be a legitimate bug.

(I’ve been trying to reply for ages but keep getting a 403 error)