Syserve.exe CPU Usage


Dont know if you guys have noticed this, but with the “syserv.exe” (Syflex license server) running as a background service, my CPU usage constantly hovers constantly at 40%. With syserv.exe not running, my CPU comes back down to its normal state of 0-10% usage.
Anybody else having this issue?

Im on an XP Pro 32bit workstation
AMD 4400+ 64X2 Dual CPU
2.00GB Ram
Maya 7.0.1
Syflex 3.5


I’m running XP Pro 64
AMD 4400+ 64X2 Dual CPU
2.00GB Ram
LightWave 9.0
Syflex 3.5 (??)

I don’t even see “syserv.exe” listed as a process - even when I have LW running a scene that uses syflex.

My CPU usage goes from 0-1% to 1-4%.


Make sure you have the syflex license server running (syserve.exe), or else LW wont recognize the plugin.

I’ve resolved the issue on my end with a clean re-install of my OS - it seems Nvidia Firewall was causing the memory leak.


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