Synoptic Error, missing


When trying to run a synoptic view desiging over GEAR, one of my synoptic’s are missing, or corrupt. I can’t get it to work and I get the following error.

# ERROR : invalid syntax - [line 120]
# WARNING : 3000 - Error parsing C:\Users\Draises\Autodesk\Softimage_2012\Addons\gear\Application\Plugins\gear_synoptic	abs\_common\Momo_HandsFeet\hands_feet.htm

Which I think refers to this line of code (line 120 in the htm file)

The resulting error, located in my *.htm file is below.

<script language="Python">

def selectRFoot(in_obj, in_mousebutton, in_keymodifier): syn.selectMulti(in_mousebutton, in_keymodifier, ["foot_R0_*_ctl", "toe_R*_fk*_ctl", "leg_R0_ik_ctl"])


I have the exact same synoptic files on another computer with no error.

What is going on and how do I fix it?



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