Symmetry Mode Toggle not working?


Hi, I’ve been using the symmetry mode toggle recently without issue. I used it earlier today, then switched it off before closing Silo. Now when I try and turn it on nothing happens - I can’t work on one side and see the same changes in the other.
Can anyone tell me suggest what the problem might be?


You might have inadvertently changed the hotkey.

Edit for clarification:

You can change keyboard shortcuts in Silo simply by hovering over the menu item and pressing a key; so if you accidentally press a key or your cat walks across the keyboard while over a menu item it will get changed without warning unless the key is already assigned to something else.


Hi, thanks very much for the suggestion, I didn’t realise that. I checked the keyboard shortcuts, and it was still set correctly. I created a cube in the scene where I have my model I’m working on. On the cube symmetry toggle seems to work - but not on my object. I can’t see there should be a problem with my .obj…

Could you advise what might cause this?


I’m not sure what may have caused it, but you should be able to recalculate the symmetry.

Select an edge in the symmetrical centre and press N.