Just trying to get a feel for things. Has anyone actually switched their production over to maya 8.5/ncloth? Or is everyone still sticking with syflex? I’ve been using both for specific needs. What is everyone else doing?


sticking with syflex, too much invested…

though I have tested ncloth , it is nice,
but way to many new attrs to digest…


i was working with maya 6 till i switched to maya 8.5

ncloth is more senstive to motion but you will have to tweak tons of attributes till you get your target ( it is really complicated )

the most thing that make me happy in ncloth that it is very stable in quick moves and cloth never penetrating the character for sample frames 6 and over and it is faster than the normal maya cloth and you have the choice in collisions ( vertices - faces - edges ) :thumbsup:

but i didn`t realy use the syflex before and i wish someone help you


how will work syflex magenet?////////////////////////////


ncloth seems very stable and powerful, but also fairly slow. syflex, as far as I can tell, is… way way way faster


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