SyFlex Hair - Attaching Ribbons


Basically I have a character that has SyFlex Hair. Paint Effects Hair has been added to the SyFlex Hair Curves and then they have been converted to polys. Due to uncontrollable popping with the PFX strokes and no viable solution to be found I decided that the quick way to eliminate popping is to delete any PFX Construction History so we are left with just the Hair Polys and the SyFlex curves. Now I am stuck trying to get the PolyHair parented to the SyFlex Hair ‘Out Curves’. Obviously a SyFlex Button constraint does not work. And I have tried all manner of Maya Constraints and other misc methods.

Is there a way that I can obtain any Translational data from the SyFlex Hair curves? Then I could bake it and copy any Trans/Rot data to any other object. I have looked and looked and now I have exhausted my own knowledge trying to find if this information exists and where it is hiding.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or even just a hint so I can work it out at my end : )


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