Syflex for Lightwave


Is anybody else using syflex for lightwave?


Not that I know, u have it? :slight_smile:
Sure would like to see LW-Syflex in action…

(Digital Tutors has a DVD for Syflex-Maya btw).
(and 4 free .mov tutorials)

Yeah, anyone, please share a screengrab or two if you’re using LW-Syflex :slight_smile:
(if I had the money I could have concidered buyin’ it…)


Hm, actually, one can buy the student license and then upgrade to the commercial license, that’s a pretty good deal.



I have commercial Syflex licence for LW.

In general lines it’s fast, acurated and amazing, but I got some problems on IK chain.

I’d like to discuss the process with others wich have used it on lightwave.


Very cool.
There is a guy called “pooby” that uses both LW and XSI, I read he has Syflex, but not sure if it is for LW or XSI. He is a member here, at Spinquad and at the NT forum, maybe you could send him a message.

Oh, found a Syflex user here,

And one here,


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