SyFlex Cache across Maya Versions?



Is it possible to “bake” a SyFlex simulation to cache in maya 7, and then import it into Maya 8?

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yes, only when going between osx and a pc would need a conversion
(conversion between little endian and big endian formats)


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I upgraded to Maya 8 and tried to use Syflex 3.5 in it, but it said something like “Syflex was compiled against a too old version of the Maya API”. Although that’s a pretty clear and self-explanatory error message I’m wondering if it is possible to get it working in Maya 8 anyway?



I believe that plugins have to be recompiled for API version 800 (rather than 700), so as far as I understand it, no you can’t get it working with 8.



It says this on SyFlex’s website. On the main page.

"SyFlex is available for:

  • Maya 7.0 / 8.0 (Linux, Windows, OSX)"

It should work with Maya 8.0. If it doesn’t then that’s false advertising.


Sorry I didn’t make myself clear enough :slight_smile:

If you used SyFlex with Maya 7 (ie you bought the plugin before Maya 8 was available) then you can’t just “install and go” with Maya 8. You will have to contact them at to get the Maya 8 compiled plugin file (.mll or .so file) to work with 8.

Whether they charge an upgrade fee or not I don’t know. I would assume so, which is one of the reasons I haven’t yet gone down the Maya 8/Syflex route.




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