syflex and mblur....



I have this motionblur problem…

I want to make a mblur passe with the MR shader from realsmart. But all of my cached cloth seems to be unable to move half a frame. So when i render the shader then it does not do the right thing on the cloth. Because it can not “interpolate” between the frames. Can it be right that i can not se half frames when something is cached in syflex?



I have exactly the same problem. Hope someone will answer to your question. Otherwise i try to mail to the syFlex support. If i find a solution i will answer.

Greetings Georgios


I don’t render with maya, but if I set maya to playback at half frames, and have cacheBlend node pointing to cache, things line up fine a half frames…

are u trying to solve at half frames?


I thought you can’t solve syFlex in half frames??

How do you set up your scene and how is syFlex handling the “half frame” simulations??




no, not solve at half frames. I know syflex does not do that…
but sylfex can read cache, and interp it between frames…

are u trying to solve at half frames?

was a question…



I think you misunderstood the question . Syflex interps half frames, if you mean 12fps and not 24fps.

But the problem is that syflex solves just a frame and not a “half frame”. so you have a cache file for frame 900 and a file for frame 901 but between the frames, at frame 900.5, there is no cache file. Thats why MR does not render the mblur for the “half frames” correct.MR does not interpolate between the frame 900 and 901.

A solution is to use the cache files as blendshapes for a second mesh that is used for mblur, but than you could have a performance problem.

I hope there is a other way to solve that problem.

sorry for my bad english…


Hi guys,

i have heard that the mblur problem, “half frames” etc. , will be fixed in the version 3.6.




yuck, like I said I don’t render with MR.

thankfully syflex interps cache at sub frames interactivly…


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