swordman and wolf


Hi, this is my recent work on photoshop. I’m a undergraduate sophomore but I want to transfer to an art college. In other words, I need to expand my portfolio. Please help me make this piece better. Thanks folks! :slight_smile:


I think you should have posted this in the WIP section since you’re still working on it. Nice pic so far, though.


Great composition and the action is great, yet here is the inevittable but,

the pic lacks focus. its kind of a blur with no sharpness to it, which is not helped by the fact that there is not much contrast of light and dark in the image.

the wolf should be sharper. it tends to recede into the background. and you have used the shame colouring, shading and highlighting technique regardless of what material or surface you are working on, e.g the blade looks like it is made from the same stuff as the cloak.

just a thought as well but perhaps you should concentrate on drawing as much from life as possible to achieve technical brilliance, rather than spawning a cliched anime style.

. . . i just read that and i may be coming across a bit harsh… i am working on a piece of my own and am in work mode so my eye might be over critical right now. anyway you can ignore or take in what i have said and as you say it is not finished so keep it up . . . you have great potential



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