Switch back to C4D Corona from Blender


I have switched to Blender and really like it. But there are two things I miss in C4D that are so big for me that I am now looking to turn back. They are Team Render and Corona Render.

So I have a couple of things that I want to discuss and see if there is a solution to them.


Mark seam and unwrap (like in blender)
Single out selected model (industry standard, ‘shift + i’ in Blender)

Asset browser

Save Corona materials for later use
Save objects with applied corona materials


Scattering solution that is in class with Scatter 5.
Is there a renderer in C4D that uses both CPU and GPU, like Cycles do? It’s superfast.

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Are you aware of crowd-render for Blender which is a highly regarded renderfarm system? Last time I checked it was about $10/Mo to get access to tech support and the latest builds. As someone who tried and failed to get Team Render working reliably in production I’m surprised to read that someone misses it! :slight_smile:

Corona is a beautiful renderer but did you know there is a big push to get Cycles to be far more photo-realistic starting with a rewrite of the Principled BSDF node which is currently in testing? Two Facebook developers, one a former Pixar developer are both involved in adding more photoreal features along with features like Path Guiding which dramatically reduces the numbers of samples needed to render a scene. Path Guiding is also near to being added to Master.

Are you aware of this?

I don’t think there’s many CPU+GPU based renderers that make much sense, typically GPUs are so much faster than CPUs that combining CPU and GPUs is not efficient. It only really works when you’ve got a CPU which is close in performance to a GPU like in the Mac M based computers, a moderate CPU+weak GPU= a slight performance boost.

Octane has an extremely capable scattering system and, for my money, the best looking renderer. VRay is still a favourite of the ArchViz crowd and I have seen positive comments regarding CPU+GPU rendering.

I can’t see beyond Cycles, it’s superfast on modern GPUs and it’s about to get a whole lot better too. I use Blender as a render engine for Houdini, previously I used C4D+Redshift with H but I found H+B a much better workflow.


Thanks Infograph, I am using and supporting Crowdrender. It works good, but I would love the real time response that you get in Team Render. I have also talked to the devs about it, but it is hard to get it to work in that way if I understand them corret.

No I did not know that they aim for that, great news! Do you know where I can follow this process?

I have a powerfull computer (2x 3090 and TR3960X) it’s a beast when using Blender Cycles XPU. Just want to be able to work more on the laptop and maby buy another machine to also use when rendering. Team Render would make this workflow superb, but then I have put my money in GPUs that I can’t use in Corona anyway.
Octane hade a network option too, but the development is so slow right now. Seems that they have problems. That would be an option to, as my M1 Max mac is also good with octane. Time will tell.


I guess Team Render must’ve improved a lot since I used it as it was never real time and frequently saturated my network, locked up and dropped render nodes for fun. I never got TR working well. Have you actually used Team Render recently?

Very nice computer specs. I intend to update my rig to something close to that spec when the new 4090s and Zen CPUs are released. I can’t wait! With your computer spec I’m surprised you’re considering Corona? Not that Corona isn’t a stunning renderer but that it’s CPU and you’re heavily invested in GPUs! Cycles on two 3090s must be absolute close to real time in a lot of situations.

Facebook is doing a lot of interesting development as it is interested in making Cycles a realtime renderer for their Meta thing. All RnD at the moment but Blender benefits from the work FB is doing.

I think Blender 3.4 will have substantial updates to rendering looking at their plans.

Anyway, there are plenty of places to follow Cycles development.
Main devtalk thread for Cycles.

In the Meetings area
There are fortnightly meeting minutes e.g. You can join the meetings live by Jitsi video if you are so inclined.

Here’s the main developer area for Cycles where you can follow daily activity.

You can always keep an eye on the Blender Developers Blog e.g.

**I post this in a C4D thread knowing a number of people are interested in Cycles4D which will surely acquire much of the Blender development in due course when (if?) Insydium get round to it.


It would be helpful to know which was the last version of C4D you used. In recent releases all of your listed items have seen significant development, but whether they have been addressed enough to suit your needs is hard to tell…

UV workflows and tools have improved enormously, though UDIMS are compatible but not solidly supported.

The new C4D Asset Browser will do what you want and more.

There are new interactive scatter tools, though they do not look to be as sophisticated as Scatter 5. There are other plugins that do more elaborate scattering.

A Maxon One subscription comes with Redshift, which is a very fast GPU (and now CPU, though it is very slow in that mode) render engine. The latest version comes with an industry standard “Standard material”, which is like the Arnold standard material.

To really know whether it might work for you, I would download the trial and try it out.


I am using 25 right now, subscribing so I can download 26 if I want.

UDIMs are not something I need in my work. But are there any “mark seam” solution? This is the best description I can find on the new workflow. It’s nice, but Blenders is much more nice. It’s like Headus UV Layout but free.

Asset browser looks nice,I just got frustrated with it as I had put down allot of time in the old one and I could not find any good guide to how to convert it to the new one. So I gave up… And I can’t find a guide on how to save advance Corona materials in it, like layered materials. I don’t have Corona so I can’t test it myself. Is it easy?

Do you have any suggestions on what scatterer to use? I have a Laubwerk license but its not in the same class as Scatter 5.



Is there any reason why you can’t use both C4D and Blender together. You seem satisfied with certain aspects of Blender so why not just combine the best of both worlds?

I used to be a C4D completist until I began learning Houdini then Houdini became a helper app to C4D. Houdini eventually became my main App but I still used C4D for lighting and rendering until I discovered Blender. I have no problem exporting enormous datasets from Houdini into Blender and I suspect you’ll have little difficulty moving assets between C4D and Blender with USD and Alembic etc.

I think you should take NWoolridge’s trial advice and download the trial of Corona and test your own workflow with assets. You don’t say what work you do nor what assets you need to scatter so it’s all complete guesswork. I really think most of your answers can be answered easier by yourself with trial software.

C4D’s Scene Nodes should be the alternative to Scatter 5 if you listen to Maxon. It should be possible to do everything Scatter 5 can do in Scene Nodes natively in C4D. According to Maxon it can handle millions of objects in real time.


chaos scatter, now included in Corona render is nice and easy to use.

for now it is simple, but it will get several updates in future with the features the users from v-ray and corona asked for.

overall mograph can do a lot more most people are aware of. that said it is a complicated workflow i admid. and yes scene nodes might get the most powerful tool in nearer future once it get more features.