Sweep Nurbs and Connected Splines leaves Gaps


Hello. I created a somewhat simple spline by connecting several different splines together to create a closed shape and then used a sweep NURBS to wrap a circle around it to create some geometry. I used snapping to make sure the lines connected to the endpoints of the arc.

Here’s the spline:


Then I used the “connect objects + delete” command from the menu with those three splines highlighted to create one connected spline. And here’s the resulting geometry when I wrap a circle around that connected spline:


As pointed out by the red arrows, the sweep doesn’t appear to be fully connecting at the joints. Obviously, this is undesirable (it needs to be smooth and not have these very small gaps in them), but I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, especially since I used the snap tool to connect the straight line splines to the endpoints of the arc splines.

Does anybody understand why this is happening and what I need to do to fix it? Thanks! I have attached the c4d file for reference.

sample.c4d (238.7 KB)


Your spline is badly made so needs to be fixed to resolve the problem. I’ve created a step by step to explain how to fix it, but essentially you didn’t have a properly closed spline and therefore didn’t have points joined properly.

Click to enlarge


That worked perfectly, thank you so much!