Surface Map + DOF (2 questions)


Hey guys,

I have 2 quesitons please:

1- In PFlow and ForestPack, theirs a way to use a surface map on the ground plane, and the particles above it will pick up the same colors (1 color per particle / element).

I have converted my PFlow Particles to a mesh, and wondering if I can do something similar with Max? UVW mapping wont work as each element could pick up more than 1 color if I use a photo as my map for example. Is there anyway around this or way to do it?

2- I’m creating an animation with objects slowly flying towards the camera, coming out of the DOF to a sharp focus. My issue is no matter how slow I make the objects fly towards the camera, it doesn’t happen smoothly, and kindly of pops in all of a sudden, please see reference below. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot guys!