Surface Deformer placing object on bowl floor rather than the side of bowl


Good evening, all.

I’m trying to wrap an object around the edge of a bowls surface but when using the surface deformer, the object is being placed on the bottom of the bowl rather than its side. I’m using Type = UV Mapping and when I scale the object correctly, I am unable to reposition it to the side of the bowl.

Can anyone can help me understand, if this is possible or have a work around?

Many Thanks ~


If you’re using splines for the cane objects …
make sure the spline is placed where you want.
Then, use an array to increase the count.
You’ll need to fiddle a bit with the cane spline points
to smooth out the shape to the bowl diameter.


Another option is to use the cane … as above … without the
deformer … but put into a Mograph cloner to get the same results.

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