Super Spray vs Deflectors


What do you do when your particles are getting past a deflector? How can you make a Deflector absolute, nothing gets past it, no matter what?

The particle(s) in question are probably just going too fast. But controlling that is…fraught. Once the particles are out, you can’t really control them on an individual basis.

But I’ve been tweaking settings all day and getting nowhere. Every solution to one problem creates at least one more. Like metaparticles getting too separated; what I wouldn’t give to be able to set the Tension even lower than 0.1…


  • Super Spray particle system
  • Metaparticles
  • POmniFlect


well mock up a file to illustrate your problem. I don’t have a readymade file with your exact problem/settings.


Very well:
…aww, crap; I just realized that there are going to be some missing texture maps. Well, maybe one, but it’s unnecessary.

Without that map, though, it won’t be quite obvious what I’m trying to accomplish.
The idea is to have slime drip onto the end screen links on YouTube, the video suggestions/shameless plugs you get just before the video is ending.
Since it’s slime, I’m trying to get it to cling to the area where those boxes would be, including the undersides, like it’s very sticky and gross. And since I’m not sure how to make that happen in any kind of elegant way, I went with brute force: a double-wide buttload of deflectors to keep the particles where they should be.

I’ve tried everything, from Friction to Bounce, but every time I fix one thing, it breaks something else.


Blobmesh can have Tension at 0.01 but I don’t think that would solve your problem.

Can you open this ?
subscribeGoop_Max2015.max (800 KB)


I’ll have a look, though; even if it doesn’t solve the problem, it might solve a problem. I’ve never played with it before–I do so little with liquids and other non-solids–and it just never came up.

So thanks for that.

I cannot.