Super-Sons _FanArt, Eduardo Silva (3d)


Title: Super-Sons _FanArt

Name: Eduardo Silva

Hey, guys,
I would like to share a project that I have done between some works, it was very cool to make these fanart illustrations of Super-Sons based on the art of the incredible artist Jorge Jiménez.
Hope you like!


It Has Been Inspiring To Follow And Like You On This One.


Love the dynamic posing standing still, and in motion , great texture work and lighting this is great. The capes free flowing an particle effects , the glowing eyes with great self reflection and shadow. Top Notch, well done SIR.


really cool , I am assuming you use zbrush how did you acomplish all the tiling textures, like the one with the holes on the pants, and the cloth texture on robins pants too. is there a thread of all your process?
Great work man


Wow this is amazing ! very inspiring


Awesome design and execution! I like how you’ve tweaked the proportions on Superman’s son! He looks better than he does in the comics. Fantastic sculpt, posing and rendering, too!