Super annoying! PS - lasso/marquee tool press ctrl to move..


Hey all. Really annoying change in Photoshop CC. So I would cut something out with lasso or marquee tool and then to move it press control and drag it wherever. Now when I press control whilst in those tools it changes to move tool but imediately selects a different layer?! I suspect auto select is enabled in move tool but I cant switch it off in control mode :frowning: has anyone experienced this problem and found a solution?


I can’t replicate the problem here. Whenever I ctrl+drag inside the selection it just uses the layer I have selected.

It could be worth selecting the move tool and seeing if there are any odd options checked that you wouldn’t normally use? They might carry over when you use ctrl to quickly move something.


I notice that the Auto select tickbox remains ticked even when I un-tick it. Not sure why it’s doing this. Could it be a bug? Because it’s bugging the hell out of me! :-\

So basically if you select move tool and see the autoselect tickbox, press control and untick it. Now press control again and it is still ticked?!