sunshine girl


Hi guys!
About 2hours in open Canvas
Tell me what you think.


The colours are pretty gray/desaturated for a scene in bright sunlight, and her hand looks like it’s not really touching the wall.
But that can all be sorted out with reference pics and a bit of work :wink:

Since this is the evocative forum: What feeling/mood are you going for? The lazy feeling on a hot summer day? :slight_smile:


Let me say first that I like it so far.

My advise:
Emphasise the sunshine more, so that the picture will be more ‘sunnier’. This way you make it clearer what she’s enjoying and it makes the viewer wanting more to be in that place also(or at least I think so).


She is enjoying the moment. All her worries and bad feelings are gone. The fresh air and the warm sunlight makes her feel

Yeah! You’re right about the hand…maybe I can fix it.

The picture looks bit different today :slight_smile:
I know what you mean. The sun is not bright enough…

Thnx for your comments!


I like the style a lot here. I think that her facial expressions are where your portrail of joy will come from. If it were me, I think I’d curl the edge of her mouth into a slight grin :wink: Other than that, congrats on the nice image.


Very nice picture-

  • You kept it subtle, focusing more on the mood.
  • I’d say to put a little more contrast between the girls torso and the shadow, but that’s not really needed.
  • I’d also recommened to crop the picture more or add suble detail to the wall, but I thought about it again… it’s also not needed.

The picture gets the message across to me- 'minds me of the days to come.

However, (I’m nit-picky) the shadow on her left arm would partly cover her face from where the sun is coming from. The arm’s shadow in the picture says the sun is more in front of her than the rest of her shadow show. I think I’m looking at it right (I don’t mind if I’m wrong however). Subtle error, doesn’t take away from the vibe.

Again good job- I like it.


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