Sue Jang - Beyond the Wall Challenge


Hi everyone,
Joining kind of late but am excited to participate. Hopefully I can output something with the time I have!
All the best,

EDIT: managed to make some last minute changes… thanks for viewing and all the best!


A little mock up on concept/composition- going try out a vertical composition next.
*Just made an update: uploaded the concept/mock up for both horizontal and vertical framing:
I’m leaning towards horizontal composition.


Another concept: similar to 2 previous. will most likely change a bit as I make a progress but I think I’m going to stick with this one for now…


your sketches are pretty dynamic which I like a lot :slight_smile: good luck!


Hello Jessar,
Thanks for your comment!
A little update: Spent majority of time posing the dragons, i wanted its gestures to be deliberate. Drogon and Viceron in the mid ground.

By the way, anyone knows how to add thumbnail to your thread? I haven’t been able to find the option… thanks for viewing!


hallo everyone!
Another update…



Here’s another update of WIP:
thanks for viewing, any comments/critique welcome.


Made a quick change-
Tried to re-work the scale of dragons as they were just too humongous… I thought perhaps I can get away with it and since they are huge and epic but more I looked at it, it just seemed too out of proportion… they are still pretty large in this version though. thanks for viewing…


Man this is awesome. It’s like Drogon is protecting the Winterfell stronghold. Love it so much!


Hey Miguel, Thanks for your comment, and thanks CG society for putting up the thumbnail on the website :smiley:
I have uploaded the final image- (final for now as I’m going to be out of town for a few days and I’m not sure if I will be back on time to make another adjustment… so here it goes)
Would have love to spend more time to finesse a lot of things but just like anything and everything, the time has come for me … Thanks for viewing and any comments and critique welcome.


Here I have managed to make some changes at the last minute… my last version… :smiley:
Thanks for viewing and all the best!


The shooting flames are a great addition! Really nice textures, and the blue fire on the left is a nice element.


hey thanks for your comment, yihli…!
Here’s another update… :suprised: my final … thanks for viewing and I hope this is okay…
Good luck to us all !!


lol sorry… another version… ^_^; noticed a little mistake and made an adjustment… cheers :smiley:


Posting another image (i know it is past deadline… but thought I re-work the composition a bit just for my own purpose)
I think i was bothered by how everything felt too placed… so tried to shift things around a bit and cropped some things out of frame so it feels a bit more accidental…
Also cocked the entire frame by 2 degrees or so… to break up that visible horizon line if that makes any sense… ^_^; cheers and thanks for viewing.