Substances in R20: Alchemist


Have any of you had opportunity to use the new Alchemist beta they’re developing (won’t be sold by that name but you can see more here ), specifically within R19 or R20? Not exactly sure how or if parameters will be exposed any differently than prior workflows but probably we output a finished substance like any other, and in C4D the parameters are no different from the existing workflow. Although maybe that changes in future versions of the pipeline plugin / widget.

Looking forward to this app though; it looks like a sort of hybrid between Photoshop and Dimension in terms of the UI, but providing means to create substances while exerting a fairly high degree of control. Not merely a preset machine with sliders for changing a few variables. Seems like it’s intended as alternative to parts of Designer and B2M. Which would be smart if Adobe and others are starting to build tools that might one day be considered go-to methods of generating seamless materials from photos or illustrations.


it does look fantastic. I love procedural textures. I use Substance Painter and it is fantastic too. Recently got the plugin for Motion called mO2 which uses the metal/roughness system similar to Substance. I’ll be interested when Alchemist surfaces


requires - I’ll have to check out that plugin. I might have to get back into FCPX - so many little plugins that could help with fast assets I need to create for ad campaigns. And C4d +mograph integration in FCPX through m02? Impressive stuff.

Blinny -

Wow, Alchemist looks fantastic. Is this Allegorithmic’s answer to Quixel mixer?

During the demo, the “de-lighting” was especially interesting. They also mentioned some things about nVidia that I don’t remember because I was watching really late at night.

I hope that doesn’t mean some features will be limited to nVidia cards. If it is, I might just have to sell my dang iMac and switch to a PC. More and more good tools are PC only, or more specifically, nVidia only.

Nvidia really invested in the right areas for pros.


Big fan of Substance workflow here. However, I’ve recently run into some issues when used with Redshift. The Redshift devs have looked into it and there’s not much that can be done on their end.

The problem: Displacement maps get interpreted as 8-bit no matter how they are setup inside Substance. C4D’s substance workflow is doing that. So if you notice any stepping to your height maps when using Redshift, that is why.

For now, Redshift devs say they don’t have a fix, as it is not accessible via the SDK.

This won’t stop me from continuing to use Substance in my workflow though. I’ll just bake out maps, which don’t seem to suffer from this issue.

Looking forward to playing with Alchemist.


Certainly looks like it (first time I’ve seen that) in many respects. Interesting license setup where you buy a subscription to Megascans and get the software as part of it. Not a fan generally of subscriptions but the minimum requirement is they have to offer lower cost options and they do that at least. TBD what a stand-alone license of Alchemist will cost. I’ll guess around $100. Or if you have the Allegorithmic subscription I think you get it automagically.

I like the way both of these apps look though. Taking a lot of the complexity out of the workflow without dumbing it down so much that it lacks power / control. Most apps and plugins in the 3D world have room for this kind of innovation so hopefully the trend continues.