Substance to 3ds Max - Material gets scrambles up


Hi guys,

I have 2 problems to which I cannot seem to find a solution. Hope someone can help me out.

when I UV’d my model, all checkers were equal and looked perfectly fine all throughout the model.
I exported my low and high poly. Opened the low poly in Substance painter and then baked my High poly model in it.

So far so good, I textured it and exported it to VRAY which gave me 6 pictures.

Problem 1:
I use a free script “SubstanceTo3dsMax”. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. After selecting the folder with images, all it does is add a “vray mtl” with grey color. Is there any way to fix this and if not, can I somewhere find out what picture should be connected to what part of the vray mtl?

Problem 2:
Checkers pattern looks flawless in 3ds max but when I add the material with the images from Substance it looks all distorted… see below images. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?

Best regards

In Substance painter:

In 3ds Max (2018):