Substance painter normals mirroring


So i have imported the high and low poly into SP and this line is on the underside of the stock… It broke the screw on the underside and made a V shape.

How do i fix this? I checked in 3DS MAX the high and low poly and made sure there was no seem or unwelded vertexes along the middle of the stock… Could it be the UV MAP? I made it the same exact way as Tim Bergholz does in his advanced AKM tutorial…

He had us split the stock into two different UV 1:1 ratios but his shows the screw correctly(not mirrored)


I found out it has everything to do with the UVs as i should have guessed since the normal maps arent working right. How do i fix this?

Also why would he have me put some UV islands outside the 1:1?