Substance Designer Users... Show us your work.


This is the model Victory Roll I made for testing workflow in Substance Designer.
And i just added a tutorial for this character i wrote how i moved my Photoshop workflow
in Substance Designer a circuit block.
VictoryRoll Girl galery

You can download here



Made a paint peeled metal material. Took some time to exposed all the parameters and added slots for custom inputs and variations. It could quickly generate a myriad of peeled paint materials in a timely manner now!

Template download link:


finishing the first asset for my next gnomon video tuttorial
“” demystifying substance designer , an artistic approach “”
taking iray integration in substance designer for a spin at the occasion


I just wrapped up a procedural Cliff Face in Substance Designer, along with a brief making-of post. The post demonstrates how I apply sculpting principles to my Substance workflow.

More images and making of:


Oh man, I haven’t been on this site in ages! :slight_smile:
Anyway, I can’t miss up on posting here too, haha.


Here is my latest work from Substance Designer and Painter. Most of the overall texturing was done in Substance Designer. Hope you guys like it!


done with the video tutorial … putting the last polish tonight …
would update later with final link …

"Demystifying Subtance Designer , an artistic approach "
in the mean time … :slight_smile:


Excited to see all the work here!

Just saw this thread and wanted to share the work I have done in Substance Designer so far.


So much awesome work here.
Just saw this thread and thought of sharing my work in Substance Designer.


This is my first try in Substance designer.


Hi all,
I share with you my participation in the CONTEST MATERIAL PROCEDURAL.
100% Procedural (except text) and fully customizable, you can generate more than 60 different manhole cover.

You can downloaded the sources here =>


Here’s my entry for the procedural mat contest :slight_smile:


Hi, here is one of my firsts substance Designer material.
Made for the Allegorithmic Substance Designer material contest too.


Flowing Lava Substance Share Contest



Recently created a sloppy brick wall inspired by the “weeping joint” brick and mortar style.


Textured with Substance Painter and Substance Designer.
I never knew how much freedom Designer can give when it comes to making precise detailing of things like ornamentation.

Empire Engineer Front

Empire Engineer Back


Some Prop. renders:


Chest Clock

Back Clock


I have recently created a “PBR Procedural Stone Wall”. C&C welcome! Created entirely in Substance Designer with no external bitmaps or sources.


Some new ceramic roofing I have done.


I have made a new sand in Substance Designer. Click for high res.


I’ve recently discovered the Subtance Designer software, and I don’t know much about it and was wondering if it is possible to rearrange a scanned texture with that software? does it have anything in it that could import this and rearrange it into something that would make a better sense? or maybe you are familiar with any other software that might be able to do that?
I would appreciate any advice on the matter
Thank you