Subject – CGS Wiki – We need your contributions!


Hi all!

We’re in the final stages of putting together the CGS Wiki, which we hope will become a central community spot for all information and tutorials regarding anything CG.

The wiki is now built but we need everyone to start contributing articles to it, or creating stubs so that we can get contributors in. Because we’re still in beta-testing phase, we’re only opening this up to CGS Members.

Whilst logged into CGSociety please head to:

Please note that the wiki has the same requirements for usernames as CGPortfolio, so now is a good time to sign up for that if you haven’t already.

For information about what a wiki is, and how to contribute to it, head to:

For support, and bug reports, visit the forum at:




Splendid. I was hoping for this. :smiley:


Brilliant idea, I’ll jump on this for sure!


I agree! This is a wonderful and very useful idea! Well done!


*Note, if you’re not logged into CGSociety, you’ll likely be greeted with a white page, or other similar pages that don’t work.


I’ve just edited in some links for the european schools, just those few adds made me first feel like a wikinoob, but it all worked in the end with no problems :slight_smile: I have now gotten my feet wet.

Made me feel great just to ad something small but still important detail.

Very nice idea to start this wiki


woo, awesome. can’t wait to drop some stuff onto this wiki, this is great!



I would be more than happy to submit stuff to CGS Wiki. Once I get some spare time from work and school I will see what I can come up with. Good luck with everything! :smiley:


great idea that’s what we want

best regards


To people who is writting content: please, include images in the wiki articles (respecting copyrights). I see a consistent lack of images in our CGwiki. Images enrich the wiki and makes the writting more appealing and insteresting.


i’ll try to help with whatever i can.


Fatal error as I try to log in:sad:


Totally quoted !


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