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Hello guys, I’m modeling that KEF speaker through CGtuts+ tutorial and we modeled the front, opened holes with some really cool boolean tools. I really like how boolean stuff works on Modo, didn’t see something like that on Maya and C4D. Anyway… I finished modeling the object and when I hit the tab to see it’s sub div it turned out really ugly.

I merged the vertecies, sliced some loops etc. but didn’t changed. Any ideas?

sorry if it is dumb. I started using modo since 301 so I’m pretty new. and thanks in advance…


Justin Mitrache (the author of the tutorial) didnt subdivide the object in the first place. He left it as it is after the boolean operations. He left it because modo supports ngons (polygon with more than four sides) and doesnt have problems with rendering flat ngons.

If you still want to subdivide it and do it properly to get those nice edges you should add more geometry (edges) which will “hold” the circular shapes.

This a quick example (not exactly as the speaker but just to give you an idea) what you could do (a non subd mesh)

when you hit tab it should look better than your example:

This just one way of doing it there are other methods as well, maybe someone else could share an idea or two…

check this link on subD, maybe it will help you (it did to me when i was a newbie):


Useful tips my friend thank you very much!


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