Student looking for anonymous participants for bachelor thesis experiment


Hello, Fozze here again! I’m posting another request for participation in my experiment which has been simplified significantly.

The experiment has been re-shaped to make it more accessible to everyone, and I would be thrilled to have your input.

This tool that I’ve created makes hair cards a bit easier. And in this experiment, you will be asked to recreate 6 hair cards. First by hand, and then using my tool. More detailed instructions are available in the link in the form of a READ ME pdf.

Those who wish to participate must fulfill the following participation criteria:

Is at least 18 years old
Has access to Autodesk Maya 2022
Understands the fundamentals of 3D (vertices, faces, edges)

By adhering to these criteria, the participants agree and confirm that they possess the absolute baseline level of knowledge required.

This experiment is voluntary, and no monetary compensation will be provided.

By following this link, you agree and confirm that you fulfill the aforementioned criteria, as well as consent to taking part in this experiment.

Thank you for your time.

All the best,



The blogs you produce are really of good quality. I love to read your writings and shall come again to check out the latest posts.