ok i know this is a fearly often discussed point in modeling.
i searched this forum for hints and tuts but i didn’t found anythng that is matching to my needs.

i want to create just a simple flame above a candle, taht is lightning a curch i’m working on.

i know that i have to use hypervoxels but i can’t figure out how to create something like this. where to place a voxel, how to create it (no animation needed) and how to make it lighning a room?? i know the tutorialk from the tutorial list but i don’t want to use/don’t have auroa 2 (or whatever it is called, hope u know whati mean ;))

could anybofy held me by posting eiter a tutorial link or a detailed description of mking a fire (is there a other possibility instead of voxels)


ups sorry wrong board can somebody move it to the main lightwave forum please?


Hey Destroyer…

The end results you want usually influences how you do this. But one way is as follows:

Create a null object. Put it at the tip of the candle. Make it emit particles, reduce the size, give it some positive gravity. Play with it until you have something simulating fire. A little hint: you can use the option of “particle life” to have them end at a certain height (mine’s usually frame 20 or so).

For the colouring, start with a base yellow colour. Use a gradient, particle age. Set the final colour to red. Set it to about frame 20 (or wherever your end-point is, mentioned above).
Play with things like opacity, luminosity and transparency on the same gradient.
Oh yeah, make it a sprite…

To light the scene, you’ll have to use a point/linear light (point will probably do).

But then again, if its just a candle, why not put a point light there, put a lens flare on it, and call that it? A candle doesnt normally have a fire coming off it (well, its not really big anyways).

If anythings not clear, let me know and I’ll clarify it.
Also, if you post a pic of the scene you’re working on, we might get a better idea of what you want the flame to look like.



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