Strange gw-like callback or setting


hi, i know maybe is not the right place for this topic but anyway…
i installed a fresh version of windows with max 2021.3
i have now this label on top of the viewport, ran but saw nothing suspicious…

here is a screenshot, you can see on the top of the viewport a kind of summary of selection, tried to look around in viewport settings, preferences and so on but didn’t found anythig strange.


i tried to see if i could have a list of viewportredraw callbacks but with no luck so far

i’d like to remove it in the end

any help is apreciated!


rappatools viewport stats?



thank you so much.
i’d hardly find it out since i needed to edit the ini because i didn’t found the option…
seems the new version of rt have it enabled by default

edit: under misc category - extra stuff dropdown

thank you, as always!


I’d consider it to be a bug if it is enabled by default and you have to edit ini manually.


nope, i just edited the previous post

under misc category - extra stuff dropdown

quite hard to find but still there :slight_smile: