Straighten edges / polygons...?



instead of manually set by points… is there way to straighten edges…?




delete polygon and bridge…!
Any other way…?



You could weld points



will Loose edges and then again create…!
set axis orientation to normal and set with eyeball and scale polygon.
No any straighten command…?



Sorry, I don’t understand … maybe a file would help ?

Are you working with a editable polygon shape ?
Can this shape be a spline with a sweep ?


Are those red lines made up of hundreds of points? Is that what you want to straighten?


red line just showing to make selected edges to straight…!
3d max, blender have tool to make straighten… c4d have any with one click…?



I watched the Blender straighten edges and edge loops video.
They don’t do anything different than C4D. They just move points
in different ways to accomplish an even edge or loop.

If it helps, explain what you want in your language (Arabic ? )
and I’ll use Google translate to try and understand what you want :smiley:



The short answer is, no, there is no specific tool to do this in C4D.

If you have the HB_Modelling Bundle (well worth owning if you do any modelling in C4D), there is a script called HB_LineUp that does exactly this:



Thanks Braco. I was looking for some tool…!