(Story Driven Exploration Game) - Looking for motivated 2d Artist



My name is Robin and I am currently planning my next game which will be a unique 2D story driven exploration game. A quick summary of the game:

The game will be set in a magical/wondrous forest filled with fictional plants and animals. The player character is stranded in this forest with nothing but memories of her past. The forest is peaceful during the day but during the night all of the plants and animals morph into scary versions of themselves hungry for blood. The player character misses people dear to her seeing as she’s so alone and scared in this forest. Certain places invoke memories of the last time she saw these people, she finds out all of them have died. She decides to find out what caused them to die and what is causing the forest to turn corrupt every night. An adventure through memories and dungeons ensues. A unique gimmick is added which is that whenever the player dies the game doesn’t restart at the nearest checkpoint. Instead the player becomes a ghost able to phase through walls but unable to interact with objects. Puzzles might require the player to die and resurrect at shrines. The player is able to use this ability to talk to the loved once of the player character for guidance.

My experience and abilities:

  • 4 years of Java
  • 1 1/2 years of GML
  • Proficient with GameMaker Studio 2
  • Created various smaller projects using GameMaker Studio 2
  • Basic understanding of Computer Science
  • Basic understanding of HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Python / SQL and C++

Abilities you should have if you want to help me out:

  • Able to create nice looking art be it pixel art or any other form of 2d art
  • Understanding of the importance of a cohesive theme
  • Above all: Passionate about game making and a will to see the project through to the end.

Personal Information:
Age: 17
Timezone: CET
Languages: Dutch & English
Country: Netherlands

If there is any revenue at the end (Not the goal but would be a nice addition) I would share it 50/50.

Discord: CraterHater#2316
Email: CraterCMD@outlook.com