Story Board Sites

#21 He has some storyboards on there, some that I had the privilege to work from.


awesome list.

Little guide on storyboard for features that i thought was funny.


Thanks for his post. So many good links and excellent advice!



hey guys, i just wanted to post this because its the best story boarding software i’ve come across, its not one of those 3d posing crap so trust me and check it out

it claims to be the #1 choice for media pre production.

you just import your drawings and that's it, you can add tags for what kind of shot you want and notes of course.

and the best part.. its FREE

also i think it has a pretty large community [](

please add it to the downloadable stuff section


don’t worry, its for linux and windows too

hope this wasn’t posted before lol

[size=3]also i forgot to mention its a complete scripting solution!


No problem man.


That was awesome!I love that show.Thanks.


Karen J Lloyd’s Storyboard Blog

One of the best storyboarding blogs on the interwebs. :slight_smile:

Karen specifically set up the blog to give advice, and she hands it out in spades.


really good vid tutorial on stoyboarding is the one from massive black!


Another excellent guide for beginning storyboard artists is Storyboards: Motion in Art by Mark Simon. It is well-organized, thorough, visually stimulating, and engaging to read.


hope it has not been posted so far, but the best storyboard site i know is leif peng’s blog:


Basically, the whole idea is to find previously unknown connections between your challenge and the random stimulation, and find a solution or idea that is based upon this connection.

It might be very useful if you need a great idea for your new animation!!