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   [Storyboard]( section on film about Jesus Christ
   The former animator and director from Disney
   ([size=1]Hendel Butoy[size=1]) is [/size]"developing a full length animated feature 
   on the life of Jesus using computer generated imagery."[/size]
   [b][u]Storyboard Sites[/u][/b]

[li]atomiccartoons[/li][li]don bluth[/li][li]dicomics[/li][li]thestoryboardartist[/li][li]famousframes[/li][li]thefilmartis (Updated Link)[/li][li]frameworks[/li][li]storyboardsinc[/li][li]storyboardsonline[/li][li]tedbstudio[/li][li]tothfans[/li][li]animation corner studio (thanks to Chopster )[/li][li]storyboardart[/li][li]dan milligan[/li][li]sbdoc[/li][li]artistlogic[/li][li]eddiepittman[/li][/ol]Movies (Dvds that have storyboards in the extras section)
[li]Hellboy (2004) (has a section of the animation procedure with an animatic)[/li][li]House of Daggers (2005) (5 comparative sections)[/li][li]Spirit:Stallion of the Cimmaron (2002) (also a good step by step of how to draw Spirit)[/li][li][color=white]The Clone Wars vol. 1 dvd [/color][/li][li]Gladiator(one of the best storyboard sections iv seen so far I would buy the dvd just for the extras section)[/li][li]Team America (drawing is not that good, but boards none the less)[/li][li]Steam Boy (fom director of Akira, some nice production shots and art)[/li][li]TOY STORY dvd speacial section(has boards and a pitch of the boards)[/li][li]Shrek(has a story pitch also)[/li][li]Blackhawkdown(storyboards and a good commentaries section)[/li][li]Man in The Iron Mask (storyboard/concept art)[/li][li]Family Guy season 4 DVD [/li][li]Cliff Hanger (4 good sections of comparative storyboards)[/li][/ul] Books
[li]Analyzing Storyboards by Giuseppe Cristano[/li][li]Don Bluth’s Art Of Storyboard[/li][li]Exploring Storyboarding[/li][li]Storyboarding 101: A Crash Course in Professional Storyboarding by James Fraioli[/li][/ul]Camera Shots(Basic description of camera moves)

   [b][u]Misculaneous Info[/u]:[/b]this info was taken form a email sent to me by a pro story board artist
   These numbers are taken from a few professional storyboard artist and not to be taken as a standard.
   [u]Average Production Amount (Artwork)[/u] :
   "It's good that you practice speed drawing, though. Just so you know, for commercial work, you're expected to draw anywhere from 20-30 boards in an 8 hour day. Basically, you have to time yourself and get through each frame within 10-15 minutes. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you're only expected to draw 15-20 frames per day and you can spend a little more time on them - make them look pretty. I'm glad you liked the tutorial - hopefully when I have time I'll put up another one."charruga(HIS WEB SITE:[](
   [b][u]Average Production Amount (Pay)[/u]:[/b]
   "commercials $650/day, film $2,000-$3,500/week (though there's a lot of low- budget work out there that can only mangage to pony up about $1000/week). I'd say the MINIMUM output you should have on a commercial is 25 storyboards completed per day, and anywhere from 30-50 boards completed for a film (I've did one job where I had to do literally 80 boards in one day, though situations like that are very rare)". charruga(HIS WEB SITE:[](
   [u][b]Storyboard Artist Profile:[/b][/u]
   [u][b]Downloadable Stuff:[/b] [/u]

[li][/li][li][/li][/ol]Interesting Threads:
[li]Favorite Camera Shots [/li]

[li]Storyboard thread by Rebecca Kimmel[/li][/ol]Other Misc.:Interesting blog by artist who work in the Industry


i havent see anything but havent looked much, what are the 2 links you found, would love to check it out


for all things animation related go to

here is a site gallery with storyboard samples
click the bulk register link. more storyboards

i know more are out there. i’ll post them as I find them


I like Don Bluth’s site. It’s where I got started.


Check for a book by Marcie Begleiter on Storyboarding.



thank you all for the sites,the two i found are :
and the other one is:


Hey everyone. I’m a professional storyboard artist. Check out my portfolio site and let me know what you think!

Also, check out and do a search for the storyboards category. Cheers!


i’ve worked with all of the above before. all good.


I added a tutorials section to my portfolio website. Check it out. It’s still in it’s beta phase but I’m hoping to add many more tutorials soon.


Hi, i made a short movie called tonka In this link you can see the animation, is an yellow character in a funny jungle.
And here are the making of, sorry but is not in english. You can see the storyboard and the animatic.

I remember a good storyboard on the short movie pompom but i cant remember the site right now.


Hi there,

If you need us we’re here !



where is the last samurai story board…?


Hey everyone! I’m going to be entering my senior year in college as an Illustration Major…As apart of one of my courses I need to find a mentor in any relative field in art. I’ve lately become really interested in concept design and storyboarding, and I would love to learn all the ins and outs of this field. Can anyone recommend any artist I should look into?


In the “Studio” section at Animation Corner, they have a category called “Project Development” where they showcase Storyboards and Animatics.

Here’s a direct link to that section:


i think that the shrek 1 or 2 dvds have storyboards too


Hiya, I’ve found this website:

It has a link for storyboarding and also has other tips for film making.

(sorry if someone has already posted this, I did check but couldn’t find it)

Thanks for all the links!


tese are some storyboards i did for pulse 2006


A damn good blog on storyboarding, usually updated weekly:

The god of storyboarding, Mr. Dan Milligan:


Just graduated from school and I was wondering how to showcase my storyboards. I just checked out your site and it answered allot of questions I had.


Your right about Mr Milligan’s site great reference material for us newbies. Thank You