Stopping simulation immediately like in Houdini with 'Esc' key?


In Houdini, whenever the simulation freezes or something goes wrong while seeing the animated preview of any kind of dynamic system like smoke, particles, etc. , repeatedly hitting ‘escape’ button stops the processing and helps us to save the freezing and crashing of Houdini.

How can I do similar thing in Cinema4D when it overwhelms my laptop and I have to stop the simulation preview suddenly?

I tried Esc key frequently on C4D R24 and R26 but it never works for stopping simulations. In Houdini it works well.


Yeah, C4D has a habit of becoming unresponsive I’m afraid. I made sure I had a dedicated ‘Stop’ button in the interface so I could smash it hoping that C4D will read the input and halt playback. Sometimes no matter what you do C4D goes deep into unresponsiveness and there’s no other solution than killing the process and reloading.

Get into the habit of doing a save before running a physics sim then if things go belly-up you haven’t lost anything. It can be much quicker to kill the app and reload than wait for C4D to eventually respond.


Theoretically, Command /Control-period is supposed to abort any given processing task, but as infograph says, its kind of the luck of the draw.