stoke illustrator


hi - why is this happening when I’m attempting the create a stroke around my shape?


Took me a while, but I got it.

You don’t have one stroke, you have three of them. The stroke end is set to “projecting cap”. It’s the caps that you are seeing sticking out as little wings.

Use the direct select tool (white arrow) to draw a little selection box around where you think there’s only one anchor. There’s really two. Right click, average. Right click, join.


If I’m wrong, how… Maybe there are extra anchors in there so it won’t join. Maybe there are only two anchors but they are part of one curve and there is a tiny tiny tiny segment in there. You can test to make sure I’m right by using the select tool (black arrow) to try to move one curve away from the others; make sure nothing is selected, single click on a path, drag it away. If everything moves check to see if you need to ungroup and/or release a compound path or some such. Try the direct select tool to move only one anchor to see if things are connected.