Still Life: Revenge


Okay, here’s an update… fixed the doll’s hair, added a spider, and changed the lighting angle to creepify the shadows.


The spider turned out good, and the darker lighting works better. Good job, make sure to put it in the Finished 3D Gallery.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


The changes you made really impact the viewer. The subject was too cluttered in the original render; but the second ‘stab’ at it is so much better. Rock on :}


Thanks, crashd. :slight_smile: I got some really great feedback here; too bad this forum isn’t more active. I like the new version better, too… the old one kind of makes me cringe now. <g>


That’s a very elegant solution. You’re right, marcia. I’m certainly one of those folks who needs to get over here more often.


Yep, much better now. Nice and creepy and the toned down hair stops me from giggling. Just one small suggestion, the pencil could be used to focus attention on the doll. Currently it points out of the image which leads you away from the subject. If you point it towards the dolls head? Good stuff


Perhaps the “red” pencil should be made more red. It comes across as pink. The writing clearly is red and the lead color doesn’t match the writing. A few teeth marks might not hurt either.

The change to the lighting made ALL the difference! Very creepy picture.


Wow! Thanks for all the great suggestions. You guys have really helped a lot.

I discovered that the pencil had an extra layer of dust on it at a lower level that was probably responsible for making it appear a bit pink. It’s actually pointed toward the key (can’t read it at this size, but the pencil says “Red Herring No. 2”), which leads to the bottles, which loops around to the spider, which leads back to the doll… so in a way, it is pointing at the doll. I hope some of these things are more noticeable when (if?) I ever get to the hi res render.

I seem to be causing myself more problems by continuing to tweak the image, so I think the next render will probably be the final version (like I thought I had twice before! LOL.). I should have one last update in a few days.

Thanks, everyone, for your help and support. It’s wonderful to hang out with such creative people. :slight_smile:


Last changes… slight adjustment to the lighting (some people saw it as too dark on their monitors), texture adjustments to the knife, dust removed from some areas, spider reduced and repositioned. I think this is it… ready to move on to other projects. Thanks to everyone who helped with this. :slight_smile:


Marcia, I hate to tell you this because I know you must be going crazy tweaking it, but I like the lighting in the previous one better, this recent one has a little too much ambience lighting and takes away some of the mysterious look that the darker one has. The previous one is mysterious in a way that some areas are very dark, and you don’t know what else might be there. And this most recent one reveals everything there is to see.


K, I see you’ve really worked hard on this, so you’ll be happy to know that this little tweak is easy:
Put the doll, glass and documents a bit farther up to the right on the table, right now there’s too much going on in the area by the doll, and put the paper clips over the papers\ book. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what will. Also, bring back the paperweight \ statue element (maybe some kind of gargoyle, snake or angel - something symbolic, in the upper right corner.
K, that’s all I can do for you. It’s already an excellent picture thou, exhibit material for sure :slight_smile:


Thanks for the creative imput, guys. This project’s pretty much maxxed out my attention and patience, though (not to mention the limits of my rendering engine), so I’m going to leave it and move onto other things.

I bought LightWave a few months ago and really need to put time and effort into learning that for future work.

I really appreciate everyone’s assistance with this, a lot. :slight_smile:


It’s gorgeous, but I don’t understand the texture on the knife blade ,…I think it would be better if it were more plain. I like the antler material on the handle though. Really cool piece,…I think it’s made alot of progress since the initial render.


the second image is much better. It is less busy and the meaning is more clear.
there is a fine line between clutter and emptiness. You have gotten rid of the clutter so that the eye goes to what is importatn now. however I feel that the top is a little empty. My eye starts to fall off there.
I also wonder a little about the noise on teh typewriter. For me it takes away from its presence. I stop feeling the piece and wonder why the unusual texture. Try desaturating it instead.

Good work and good luck


Hoi Marcia!

Your details are great! You aint gonna like this tho. When you compose from the top view it’s difficult to create depth. Variance of detail and depth of field are important to create emotional response, avoid a symphony with only creshendos. With horror, stuff coming in and out of shaddow works well. Since you are so far along this is probably mute,… I would have dropped the camera angle and given serious thought to your vision lines (where does the comp lead your eye). Maybe for the next one.

Like I said, detail is real nice!
Greetings Kanga.


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