Still Life- Prisoner of Evil


I dedicate this scene to my girlfriend, she has always been a ROCK in my life helping me, teaching me, surpporting me in everything I do… She has changed me making me a better person, Taiming the evil within me… the fish represents the evil / my old self within me being kept at bay… ALL done in HASH Animation Master…

Is this made clear in my scene?


Hi ^^)

Hm, not it is not so clear to me.

The fish does look like an evil creature, and spiked on the points it looks like it’s dead and not going to make a comeback. But it is not clear that this represent an evil part of yourself and that someone else helped you defy it.

Erm, there are loads of ways to tackle this, but i maybe a scene with 2 people embracing each other (you and your girlfriend) standing in the light, while the fish creeps away in a dark corner, showing it is gone now. Some lines/colours/something else that connects you and the fish can then make the connection that the fish was a part of you.

Just some wild idea, hope this helps ^^)


jawine- Thanks for your feedback I will consider your critz…


Dude jawine I wonder where u get ur ideas for critiquing!
Instead of saying wht you like or dont like in the work your telling him to change the whole artwork to your desire!
Darklimit, I like ur work. It did give me the feeling of being trapped and I did for a moment felt sorry for the fish. But after reading your explanation it did kinda make sense.
I like the use of greens but you can push the emotions more with colors like reds.
Also u can push the detailing on those spears.
Nice work man!


The fish is incredible.

In comparison, I think the environment is still a little rough. It sort of swollows up the fish and flattens the image. Perhaps it needs a few lighting tweaks to fix that.

I don’t see evil when I look at the fish, sure has sharp spikes (but the ones driven through it are even sharper). I felt sympathy for the fish, killed, left to float alone, dead in the water.

So, although the fish made a powerful image, your backstory was not clear at all. Actually, symbolically speaking, if I had a cool looking fish like that within me, and my girlfriend tamed it… damn, I’d be pissed! :slight_smile:


Well, the first thing I see, is that the fish is too much a part of the environment and needs to be brought out to the viewer. I don’t get very much of a fish feel from it, it needs that shiny scale texture, so it’ll seem more slippery and fishy. The arrows looks like flimsy cartoon arrows, would really like some sharp, shiny, big heavy metal spears with hooks on it here:buttrock: . Maybe with some kind of inlaid ruby or other red object to signify love in one way or other. It also feels a bit grey and washed out, which adds to the “time passed” feeling and sense of loneliness, but doesn’t do much for the picture. Last, I don’t see YOU here. Maybe give the fish human eyes or something…?


Thanks very much for the input guys… some very good points has been made… I will tweak the scene…


pollywoggles makes a strong point. Not only does the fish not look evil, but it looks harmless. Spiked collar is a start, but the spines on its body are curly. Curly=fun. Fish has no teeth. Sharp teeth=dangerous. Lastly, the body type is much like a seal. Seals are cute, do tricks and are saved by Greenpeace when people harpoon them.

I’m not intending to tear this work apart. It’s a great creation, but doesn’t seem appropriate for what you’re trying to convey. Given your intent, I’d suggest starting with a fearsome creature that, rather than killing, you’ve tamed and gotten under control. Staying with the evil fish theme, perhaps you felt under water (in the darkest depths), but now you’ve got your evil side under control, you’ve surfaced and you and your girlfriend are on its back riding toward a beautiful sunset.

Alt idea: Your fish’s sharp teeth are being held open by your girlfriend and you’re about to run it through with a harpoon. That way, she looks really heroic and strong and you are about to exorcise your inner demon. Whatever you decide I hope she loves it.


pollywoggles is complety right :slight_smile:
make the creature more evil, give him teeh, a rough skin.
instead of the smooth fish body i would go for a creature that is trying to break from it’s chains.
have some yellow/orange light come from cracks in the sea floor etc.
make it look agressive/evil.


I’m not an expert but I believe it does make sense! Good work DarkLimit.


kyriakos - Thanks alot for your feedback… am glad you saw it for what it is…


It’s not called evil prisoner. It’s called “Prisoner of Evil”. The fish is not evil. The fish is the prisoner. The one who has imprisoned it by spearing it to the environment and continuing to spear it is evil.
Makes perfect sense.
I’m not sure it does much for me, but it makes sense. The expression of the face of the fish is quite good.


Whatever your intent the impact and emotion of the image could be increaced by:

Darken the background in an gradient getting darker towards the edges.
Try a slight volumetric light (just do it in post) down onto the fish.
Grunge it up a bit. Haze out the entire image – also try adding noise.


This is an idea I just had when looking at your work. It might sound a bit cliche and corny though.

as you’re showing that it’s love that has released the ‘real’ you (I’m guessing that the arrows is kind of symbolic of something like cupid) what if you had blood emerging from the fish form in the shape of a more generous and loving creature, saying that this ‘good’ side of you was always there, and it’s only through love that it’s been able to surface?

also like the idea of the volumetric light Mark had.


I hope this of help, darken and sharpen the rocks,
great job…


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